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Life With Inmotion Hosting is about the experience I went through that I felt needed to be shared with the public. In order for this to make sense, you’ll need to start from the beginning of the story line. It’s an ongoing event and happening right now. You’ll learn all about Inmotion Hosting’s Technical Support teams capabilities along with a very disappointing management staff that doesn’t know the meaning to customer care once you’ve signed a contract with them. You’ll get a full exposure of what real life is like belonging to this hosting company and it’s not pretty.

If you’re faint of heart and can only watch “G” rated movies, this isn’t the Blog for you! It’s real and in your face with graphic language of how we all feel at times when bad shit happens to us. Here’s where you should start reading to get a full prospective of Life With Inmotion Hosting

Chat Transcript
10:05:59 AM [Will]
EMAIL: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
What the FUCK!! happened to my website?????????????
10:06:08 AM [Edward M] Hello Will, my name is Edward M. Thanks for contacting us today!
10:06:31 AM [Edward M] I can certainly look into this for you Will. Thank you for your patience while I access your account.
10:06:45 AM [Will] Ed, get your fucking manager on the line!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10:07:31 AM [Edward M] I am happy to help Will. What exactly is the issue you are experiencing?
10:08:10 AM [Will] my website is completely fucked up!! It shows it as it was 2 months ago.
10:08:27 AM [Will] completely different look and style
10:08:37 AM [Will] what the fuck is going on????????????
10:09:44 AM [Edward M] How exactly is it suppose to look?
10:10:24 AM [Will] what you want me to draw you a picture……please! get your fucking manager on the line NOW!!!!!!!
10:11:24 AM [Edward M] I will be happy to get a manager for you; however, I am just trying to understand exactly what the issue is to better serve you. Please refrain from using profanity.
10:12:05 AM [Edward M] Do you by chance have a screenshot of how it is suppose to look, or as you currently see it?
10:12:27 AM [Will] get you damn manager!!!!!!!!!!!
10:12:43 AM [Edward M] Ok. For security purposes I need to verify the account. Please reply with either the current AMP password or the last 4 digits of the credit card we have on file.
10:12:54 AM [Will] xxxx
10:14:25 AM [Edward M] Thank you. Please hold 5 – 10 minutes while I look into this for you.
10:14:58 AM [Will] I asked for your manager. You don’t need to look into anything!!!!!!
10:24:58 AM [Edward M] Thank you for your patience Will. I am awaiting managment. Please continue to hold 5-10 minutes.
10:25:13 AM [Will] ok. thanks
10:29:09 AM [Craig H] Hello Will, thank you for your patience.
10:29:24 AM [Craig H] I am pulling up your account now to review the full details.
10:30:48 AM [Will] when you have it, please call me. Because what I’m going through for the second time with InMotion is not going to look pretty on paper
10:31:05 AM [Will] xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
10:33:27 AM [Craig H] Ok, I have the account pullled up and calling out to +xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx now
10:35:31 AM [Craig H] I am receiving an all circuits are busy error message. Currently dialing xxxxxxxxx
10:35:36 AM [Craig H] I am trying again
10:38:35 AM [Craig H] Unfortuantely, it is still giving the same error
10:38:37 AM [Will] I think it’s 00 and not 011 I’m not sure since I don’t live in the states
10:38:59 AM [Craig H] Ok, let me try it with the 00. Thank you
10:41:36 AM [Craig H] That 00 is giving the same error.
10:41:39 AM [Will] you might be right, it looks like xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
10:41:55 AM [Craig H] I am more than happy to troubleshoot this in chat if that is ok with you.
10:42:20 AM [Will] it’ll take forever
10:42:35 AM [Will] please try one more time
10:43:23 AM [Craig H] Ok, I will keep trying.
10:43:26 AM [Craig H] Thank you for your patience.
10:45:07 AM [Craig H] I am trying and updated number extension. It is not giving me the same error
10:45:18 AM [Craig H] …I do not hear any ringing either though
10:45:19 AM [Will] try this other number Craig +xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
10:45:22 AM [Craig H] It is ringing now
10:45:47 AM [Craig H] It rang 3 times and then disconnected
10:46:14 AM [Will] good ol’German telephony
10:46:21 AM [Will] try the other number
10:46:28 AM [Craig H] Ok, trying other number now
10:46:57 AM [Will] thanks
10:47:30 AM [Craig H] You are welcome
10:48:18 AM [Craig H] Dialing the number. It is be
11:45:00 AM [Craig H] Thank you again for speaking with me today on the phone. I am working on the restore as mentioned and will give you a call back in 1 hour.
11:45:08 AM [Craig H] I will go ahead and close this chat now.
11:45:14 AM [Craig H] Thanks

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